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Routed Residential Signs

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Lettering is carved into carefully selected Western Red Cedar, and painted flat black with top-quality exterior paint. Face side is then coated with clear sealer. Screw-eyes are included. The images on this page should give you some idea of the range of layouts possible.

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Prices shown are for signs completely finished as illustrated.

Feel free to mix & match size, layout and edge treatment. For wood signs in different colors, or
with graphics, see our gallery of Sandblasted Residential signs.

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-A-series (5 1/2" x 16") $30.00
The -A- size is perfect for a last name in "freehand" lettering. Two lines will fit on an -A- size in a scaled down version of some of the "B" size layouts. The formal-edged -A- with block letters communicates in a very legible, but attractive way, any one or two line message.

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-B-series (7 1/4" x 16") $35.00
The -B- size is 1 3/4" taller than the -A-. Although two lines will fit on an -A-, the same
lettering will be larger (and more legible) on a -B-. The increased vertical space also allows
for somewhat more elaborate freehand style letters. Three line layouts are also possible.
Remember, any of these layouts are available with either edge treatment for the same price.
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-C-series (3 1/2" x 16") $25.00
The -C- size is ideal for any one-line message. The block capital letters provide maximum
legibility on this smaller size.
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-D-series (7.25" x 24") $45.00
Sometimes, with an extremely long name or address, the lettering would appear "squashed" or not fit at all in any of the sizes illustrated. If you feel this might be the case with your order, select size -D-. The -D- size comes in either edge treatment, is the height of the -B- but 50% wider (7.25" x 24"), and costs $10.00 more.

We've added more examples of completed Routed Residential Signs

Made up your mind? You can now Order any of these thru Yahoo's state-of-the-art secure server at our site in the Yahoo Store.

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